Commonwealth Catholic Charities Food Pantry Update

Update for November.




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Date: December 16, 2014 at 10:07:42 AM EST
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Good morning Michele

Commonwealth Catholic Charities Food Pantry

In November you donated 179  grocery bags which helped to feed 580 needy families in the Richmond area.

Our next food drive will be the weekend of January 11th when church volunteers and the Knights of Columbus will be handing out empty grocery bags after all masses.  Please do not pass the by.  Take an empty grocery bag and return it the next weekend.

The need for food has been increasing rapidly over the past 6 months as families have  found themselves trying to pay rent and utilizes during this very cold season.  We are thankful that we can be of help to those less fortunate themselves.  Being able to give the gift of food to our needy friends is a gift of love.

Thank  you for your continued support of this ministry.