Food Pantry This Weekend – last prior to Christmas

Subject: Re: St. Bridget’s Knights of Columbus Food Bag Distribution

See below and notice from CCC. Please step up to help if you are around this weekend. Thanks!


Commonwealth Catholic Charities’ food pantry is in desperate need of food donations

Our community food pantry is currently unable to meet the needs of the hungry families who count on us to sustain them during hard times. We’re asking Richmonders to help us provide for families what they are currently unable to provide for themselves. Non-perishable food can be delivered to the CCC office at 1601 Rolling Hills Drive,Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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This weekend is the last collection before Thanksgiving!  Last month we collected 141 bags. Please help hand out the bags after the Mass you attend on November 8 or 9. I will put the bags out on Saturday. If you cover 5 on Sunday, please put any unused bags in the closet. Thanks for your help.



Brother Knights,

I am pleased to report  Tom Fiden, Dale Matanic, John Vandersyde and Ron Coombs have been exemplified to the Fourth Degree on Saturday November 1, 2014.

Our new Sir Knights were among 185 Virginia 3rd Degree Knights that advanced to Full Knighthood.

Our Supreme & State Officers proclaimed that we Knights are all Catholic Americans and that this Patriot degree of our Order strengthens our fraternal causes dedicated to our love of Country, love of Church and love of Family.

Please extend your congrats to these most Worthy Sir Knights!


Gary Port

Deputy Grand Knight-Council 5476