Below are the results from the IFF we participated in this past Saturday.   I’m feel confident we can close the gap pretty quick with the follow-on production and sale with the sausage sauces that Dale is leading.  Not as bad as I originally thought on total sales.




Hi Ron,

I hope you got rested up on Sunday! Thank you so much for participating in this year’s International Food Festival! There was great spirit and energy all day!

I wanted to send you the results from your booth. Also, I attached the agreement with Living Social in case you are interested in reviewing those details. I’ll send a comprehensive list with results from all of the booths soon.

Will you, or someone from your team be able to join us for the feedback session this Sunday at the Cathedral Parish Hall at 10:00 am? We want to hear from you what you think we can do better next year and what you thought went well this year. Our committee is dedicated to make improvements each year!

You may pick up your check on Sunday at the meeting. Please tell me who we should make it out to, along with an address.


Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
International Food Festival
2014 Group Proceeds
Group Green Tickets Green Total Yellow Ticket Yellow Total Total check
St. Bridget’s 589 $        589.00 236 $         160.48  $        749.48  $           749.48

Thanks you so  much again! Let me know if you have any questions.

Catherine Cramer



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