International Food Fest this Weekend – Get Ready!

To:          Brother Knights

From:    Brother Gilmore, Ronald F. (RFG)

Subj:      IFF – main event, Saturday October 4, 2014

intl food fest1


To all who shall read this memo, greetings!


We are T – 4 days and counting.  Gentlemen, the clock is running, the time is at hand, the planning is over, and we now turn into the wind and stare-down the challenge ahead…that is, KoC’s participation in the International Food Festival.   Our event motto….”Uncommon participation is our common virtue.”


Thanks to Brother Jose for conscripting volunteers to man the booth this Saturday.  Second, Brothers Paul, Gary, Dale, and Ron did a dry-run this past Sunday.  We grilled-up the sausage, and prepared for each of us a “full plate” like the one we plan to serve up at IFF.  The sausage, marinara, and bread is truly a great combo, and the mutual admiration club agreed…..what an excellent idea the sausage plate turned out to be, I’m glad we thought of it!


There is still time to participate.  I will outline below all that has been identified, those that have offered assistance, and will seek volunteers in areas that still need to be addressed.


  1. RFG will contact IFF : (Wednesday) and arrange cold storage for sausage. Second, IFF is offering load-in Friday evening.  It appears this is just staging—I will get clarification.  Do we want to take advantage of this?
  2. Mount-out rehearsal: Friday, STB-Church parking lot; 5:15pm.  If humanely possible, I encourage your participation, especially those manning the booth
    1. Operational Change – we will grill vs boil sausage
  3. Gear check List:
    1. Tents, 2 each, Bart & Dale – spec’s 10×10
    2. POC @ STB School-mgr of cafeteria for food storage – Paul, will you tee-up? ASAP
    3. Food delivery – 10/2 NLT 3pm. Ron will coordinate and take delivery
    4. Pick-up truck – Paul – will need Friday
    5. Tent Decorations – Gary – COMPLETE
    6. Booth Attire – minimum acceptable standard – KoC Golf Shirt – see Gary to coordinate if you don’t have one
    7. 4 each, tables & chairs – ALL – located in Mother Presentation Hall
    8. Booth Staffing, boots on the ground – Jose to provide update and final headcount
    9. Grills, 2 each with back-up propane bottles – Gary & Paul to coordinate
    10. Hot Plate/ warming station(s), etc; electric – Dale to provide
      1. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – 2 each, extension cords; 1 each, multi-electrical prong outlet stick
    11. Kitchen Utensils – 3 each, bread, meat knives; 2 each, can opener; 2 each, (2 or 4oz) ladles
      1. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – 2 each, meat thermometers
    12. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY -2 each, coolers
    13. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – Fire Extinguisher (IFF required)
  4. Final instruction/ event update/ Intel Brief – RFG, as needed leading up to D-Day & H-hour
  5. After-action Report – RFG lead w/ Brothers input, assessment to Grand Knight