Council 5476 at the International Food Festival 10/4/14

intl food fest1


Culturally diverse parishes and local missions are coming together to provide Richmond with an international cuisine and entertainment experience.


Members from parishes and local missions are coming together for a culturally diverse celebration with the Richmond community. You’ll find international selections from Our Lady of Lourdes Filipino Festival, St. Benedicts Oktoberfest, Sacred Heart Hispanic Festival and many more.


Vendors are providing food choices and entertainment from each of their great cultures. Cuisine options include full portion and sample selections. This is a 100% Pure Non-Profit festival as all vendors are non-profit organizations. 100% of every purchase made supports that unique mission or parish.


There will be culturally diverse entertainment and raffles along with lots of children’s activities, as well as tours of the historic Cathedral that include the museum and crypt.  Admission is FREE and there is convenient parking at the VCU deck adjacent to the Altria Theatre.


The 3rd Annual International Food Festival is scheduled for Saturday October 4th 2014 from 11AM until dusk located at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 800 S Cathedral Place in Richmond across from Monroe Park.