Notice from District Deputy

Per below, read  from a notice from  our new District 9 Deputy  Tom Duck that our Council has been transferred from District 27 to District 9.

This means we will be with 4 other Western Henrico councils which  includes St Mary’s, St Michaels and Council 395 at the Columbian Center .

Sam Patterson will continue as District Deputy  for District 27 .


So… our Installations Of Officers   Date and Time Changes from Holy Rosary Church on Sunday July 27th  to St Michaels Parish on Sunday July 20th  arriving at 2:30PM.

Our New Officers for 2014-2015 are:

Paul Kitchen, Grand Knight

Gary Port, Deputy Grand Knight

Dale Matanic, Chancellor

Ronald Coombs Jr, Warden

Randy Boyd, Financial Secretary

Matt Costello, Treasurer

Rick Witty, Recorder

Jose Alcaine, Inside Guard

Barton Leahey, III, Outside Guard

Ronald Gilmore, Advocate

Dr. John Port, One Year Trustee

Alan Serafim, Two Year Trustee

Dr. David Whitehead, Three Year Trustee

Winton Spencer Jr, Lecturer

John Vandersyde, Public Relations Director

John McCulla, Nominating Committee Director

Father Stefan Migac, Chaplain


Officers please plan to attend and contact me to confirm you will attend.


Gary Port, Deputy Grand Knight




Brother Grand Knights,

At this time we are planning for the installation of officers to be on the 20th of July at St. Michaels Parish.

The installation will start at 3:00 pm and all should arrive at 2:30 to prepare and set up for the installation.

This event should be coordinated by all Grand Knights and if this conflicts with anyone’s schedule or you desire a separate installation, please let me know as soon as possible.

I am hoping we will have a social afterwards and that all councils will work together to make it a successful social and installation.

Thanks for all you do and please respond as soon as you can with your acceptance of this date and time.


District Deputy, Tom Duck

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