Knight’s Council 5476 Scholarship Dinner – Request for Sponsors

Hello Brothers,

Our Scholarship Dinner is quickly approaching. Congrats and kudos to Gary Port for leading the way!

As is usual at these dinners, we have opportunities to support our clergy and guests, and to provide support for hospitality.

I am looking for fellow brothers to sponsor our clergy at the dinner, and to contribute some fine beer to the event.

We need four dinner sponsors at $75/each: these will pay for Msgr. Carr, Msgr. Shreve, Fr. Julz, and Monsignor Carr’s sister Pat.

Also, we are supplying beer for the dinner. I am looking for “case sponsors.” Would you like to buy a case for the dinner – the sponsorship cost is $30, and I am looking for 4 to support the dinner in this way. Remainders after the dinner will stock the KofC Hall.

I will be one of the dinner sponsors and beer sponsors.

Brother Knights, would you also consider sponsoring one of our guests? Or, will you consider being a “case sponsor”?

Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much!



John K. McCulla
6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226
804 342-1114 (office)
804 306-2488 (mobile)
413 751-9560 (fax)

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