The Catholic Men’s Movement – Shared by Mike Kozak

The Catholic Men’s Movement Comes of Age
by Tim Drake


Is it true that men generally don’t like to attend religious services and don’t get involved in church? Consider the evidence:

— Citing dismal statistics, researcher David Morrow’s book Why Men Hate Going to Church (Thomas Nelson, 2005) concludes that men “are the world’s largest unreached people group.”

— A 2011 Christian Century article, “Why Do Men Stay Away?” notes how men are “famously outnumbered” by women at worship and “often are not particularly happy about it” when they do attend.

— A Barna study published that same year found that over the preceding two decades church attendance had declined by six percentage points among men, that the percentage of men who had volunteered at church had suffered a similar statistical drop over the same period, and that an estimated 39 percent of all men could be considered “unchurched” — meaning that they haven’t attended a church event (outside of an event such as a wedding or funeral) in the previous six months.

— A December Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article on men’s participation at church cited a statistic that 64 percent of parish life is comprised of women. The perception — or misperception rather — is that men are less involved in church than women.

The reality, however, is that there also is evidence of a resurgence in male involvement in church, at least as far as Catholic men in the United States are concerned. For the past two decades, a Catholic men’s movement has been steadily expanding in size and strength to the point where it is having a huge impact on male spirituality and involvement in Catholic communities. On both a national and local level, the Catholic men’s movement has come of age, as an increasing number of Catholic men are seriously embracing the faith and their roles as husbands and fathers in leading their families to Christ.


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The Business of Conscience | National Review Online

The Business of Conscience | National Review Online: An article about how religious beliefs influence healthcare our choices today.


Making more than a hobby of religious faith.

Volunteers Needed for April 12 & 13 Food Bag Distribution

Food Bag distribution by Knights Council 5476:



Commonwealth Catholic Charities Food Pantry Drive  –


In February you donated 119 bags of groceries which helped to feed 403 adults, 278 children, and 13 elderly neighbors.  The need for food is greater than it has been in a long time, and our needy  friends and neighbors are facing heavy decisions- how can they feed their family with the escalating costs of rent and utilities.

Food pantries across Richmond are having severe problems, but thanks to your continued support of this ministry, Catholic Charities has been able to continue assisting needy families with food.

Our next food drive will be the weekend of  April 13th. Volunteers and the Knights of Columbus will be handing out empty grocery bags after all masses.  Please do not pass them by.  Take a bag home and return it the next weekend.   As we remember Palm Sunday, let us also remember those less fortunate then ourselves.

Success – St Bridget Fish Fry & Council 5476 Scholarship

A Message From Brother John McCulla:

St Bridget annual fish fry logo


Hello All,

Thank you to everyone that volunteered and helped make the St. Bridget Annual Parish Lenten Fish Fry a wonderful event!

It was great to see everyone having such a good time, enjoying each other’s fellowship!  And, we met a number of new parishioners, too, experiencing St. Bridget parish for its welcoming, fun-loving environment.

We had over 50 adult volunteers from across our parish, and a good number of youth from the St. Bridget School service teams and our Scout Troop (Thanks Marie Swider and Frank Russo and Joyce Romito)!  The Knights of Columbus and the Liturgy Committee led the way, but we had volunteers from our Parish Council, Finance Council, Men’s and Women’s Ministries and Bible Studies – a great turnout of support.

So many helped sell tickets after Masses, helped serve the food, helped (tirelessly) in the kitchen, and manned the many tables for drinks, dessert, raffles and more!

Thanks to Bruce Slough, Dale Matanic, and Alan Serafim for coming together to plan this event out.  And to Maria Morrison for providing input from last year’s event.

We had some wonderful sponsors, too, including Captain D’s Seafood for the fish, and for the wine and beer.  Even our cooking fuel!   Thank you to all our donors!

It was so good to hear so many positive comments about the food and fish.  Our chef, Alan Serafim, was masterful in the Kitchen!

Thanks, too, to our St. Bridget School for hosting us in the MPH and the use of their kitchen – this allowed it all to happen.

Kudos, too, to Pat Ross and Smith Noel for their super efforts getting ready, and for the great support following the event.

And, to Michele Healy and Frances Smith for helping us communicate about the event!

And, it is gratifying to know we have been able to help fund the Knights of Columbus St. Bridget Catholic High School Scholarship fund, and also our Liturgy Initiatives.

I am deeply grateful for your team work and good service at the Fish Fry!

Thanks again, everyone!   (Want to do it again next  year?  J).

Best,  John

John K. McCulla

East End Pregnancy and Test Center Gala



East End Pregnancy and Test Center

         Gala on April 26, 2014

Food_Picnic with wine


6-10 PM at the home of Dan and Dana Kleinschuster
214 Paxton Rd, Richmond, VA 23226
Featuring wine, bee, food, live & Silent auctions, and music by the Slack Family Bluegrass Band.

Here is the link for additional information –

“This is a first class event and supports the pregnancy center in one of our region’s most vulnerable areas. We should encourage all Knights to attend. Paul, I spoke to Kim Hulcher this morning…full sponsorship of the wine table is $500, co-sponsorship would be $250. The K of C would be acknowledged at every wine table at the event with what we would provide to them to frame ( i.e Emblem of the Order, etc.)”  Mike K.

Word on Fire – Lenten Reflections by Fr Robert Barron

I have been enjoying Fr Robert Barron’s
             “Lenten Reflections”


For the last nine days of Lent I have been enjoying daily emails of Lenten reflections by Father Robert Barron from,

I believe the original email invitation came from an email sent out by Leon Shadowin of the St Bridget Church Men’s Ministry of Faith and Fellowship. I have signed up to receive a daily reflection that helps me focus on the word of God and serves as a reminder of our Lenten promises. The email looks something like this:


Lent Day 9 – Change the Way You See

The first words Jesus speaks in the Gospel of Mark set the tone for the entire Gospel and, one could say, for the whole of Christianity: “This is the time of fulfillment. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Reform your lives and believe in the Good News.”

By noting “the time of fulfillment,” Jesus is referring to something humans have been longing for, hoping to see arrive. It’s as if he’s saying, “The privileged time is here.” These words provide a sort of wake-up call, a warning bell in the night. They’re similar to what worshipers hear repeatedly in the Byzantine liturgy: “Be attentive! Let us be attentive!”

But how should we be attentive? Jesus is eminently clear: “Reform your lives and believe in the Good News.” The Greek word for “reform” is metanoiete, a term derived from two words, meta (beyond) and nous (mind). Thus in its most basic form it means something like “go beyond the mind that you have.”

Jesus is commanding a change that takes place at a an elemental and all-embracing level of one’s being. He’s telling his listeners to change the way they see, the way they think, the way they imagine.

Change your attitude. Change your perspective. Change your angle, your mode of vision.

The new state of affairs has arrived, but you are not going to see it unless you change. Today, go beyond your mind and see through the eyes of Christ.

Go to the following link; at the bottom of the page you have the option of subscribing to this service. I have received no other solicitations as a result of signing up for this information. It is Free and has been helpful to me. I hope it works for all of you too. 

Yours in Christ – John V.  

Pope Francis’s First Year

Thanks for the link Brother Mike Kozak!

Reenergizing the Church as a missionary enterprise has been his primary aim.

By George Weigel

Looking a bit uncomfortable in the spotlights, Jorge Mario Bergoglio came out on the central loggia of the Vatican basilica on the evening of March 13, 2013, and introduced himself to his new diocese as a man from “the end of the earth.” Less than nine months later, this hitherto obscure, former archbishop of Buenos Aires, who had been rescued from ecclesiastical oblivion in the early 1990s by John Paul II, was on the cover of Time, celebrated around the world as the dominant personality of 2013. Now, a full year into his pontificate, Pope Francis continues to be a kind of papal Rorschach blot onto which Catholics of all points of view, as well as politicians and pundits, project their aspirations and fears for the Catholic Church and its place in the 21st-century scheme of things.

For the remainder of the article proceed to the link at the top of this page – Enjoy!



Council 5476 Sponsors Catholic Ed Scolarship









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“The time is now”

“Together, let us grow our Catholic Faith”

“Join us now, to make this happen”!

Results from the St Bridget Knight’s Blood Drive

Thank you so much for the blood drive yesterday.  We registered 12 people and brought back 11 units.  The list of donors is below.  The next drive is scheduled for June 1 and I promise to be more proactive.





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