Our Council Chili Project Went According to Plan!

Brother Knights:


As you know, our Council Chili project went according to plan and we have the first run results.  Captain Alan Serafim, once again, lead the team, coached the players and made it happen.

Food_Cooking Girl

Production was 165 quarts and the batch was sold Saturday and Sunday.  We ran out of the inventory by 12 pm on Sunday so none was offered for sale at the 5 pm mass. Our price was $8 for a single quart and two for $15.  We saw the majority of the sales in a two pack.


Our sales numbers are approximate as a final tally will come after some details are checked.  A few of the units were pulled directly off the production line for purchase by eager passers by.


Revenue:     $1262  (This includes some donations into the till by well wishing parishoners

Costs:            $500
Current Net: $762


The cook team started at 8:30 with Alan doing the food run and setup.  He, also, fronted the bank, tied off the two quart packs and led clean up between two kitchens.  Many thanks to all who worked the preparation: Pauland Retsie (spelling check) Kitchen, Gary Port, Tom Fiden, Randy Boyd, Winton Spencer and Augie Keller.  Augie drew the pot stirrer/manager duty.  Who knew he had the talent?  He definitely had the height to see down into the chili to watch for bubbles.


Chili Sellers at the masses did great including Joe DiVincentis, Steve Pellei, Ron Combs, Mike Kozak and Rick Witty.  I may have missed someone so let me know if you had a hand in this, too.  It should be noted that the big voices sold the most.  Well, it seemed that way since people responded to the calls.


Finally, thanks, too, to our Knights who bought plenty of product.


Congratulations on a solid effort.



Men’s Ministry Meeting Reminder – Saturday 2/8

Saturday, 2/8/14, 7:00 am (coffee starts at 6:30 am) at St. Bridget. The meeting will conclude by 8:00 AM in time for morning Mass. 


David Whitehead will facilitate and get us started in our study of Peter Kreeft’s Catholic Christianity. I’ll have the books available at the meeting. They are $18 each. Let me know if you want to get yours before our February meeting.


David asks that your bring a Catechism if you have one. 


Please let me know if you can facilitate a future meeting!!    


See you Saturday!!


LINKEDIN Group Page   As promised,  a group Webpage page on LinkedIn.com has been created as a business/group networking site. Here is a link to the site:




Please click on the link and joined the group. Please make sure that you are set up to receive notifications when information is posted to the site.


The idea is to start using this group page to make it easier to communicate and share information.


If we can figure it out, we will invite everyone who is currently on the sbmmff email list to join the LinkedIn group page.


Thanks for your patience as we transition from emails to using the group page.


Update: Annual Pancake Breakfast on Sunday 2/9

Sir Knights:

Our Council is helping with the annual pancake breakfast on Sunday 2/9 at Mother Presentation Hall. A number of you have responded with offers to help. We definitely could use a couple of more hands to help.

The breakfast is from 8:30-11:30 and we need to help cook pancakes for the breakfast.  Mark Sweeney with Shoney’s is helping with the sausage and the service team at St. Bridget’s is helping with transition and serving.

I would like to divide this into two teams to help with the cooking.

Please respond as to which time/Team you can give us some of your time for this well attended event.

Team 1   7:30 AM

Team 2   9:30 AM



 Paul Kitchen