Council 5476 Super Bowl Chili Sales Update



Our pre-order phase collected 56 quarts of sales from Saturday evening to Sunday evening.  We did receive one order on our temp phone line and one order via email.


Please continue your advertising by word of mouth and email forwarding to reach those who may not have reviewed the bulletin, heard the mass announcements or are not members of St. Bridget’s community.


We’ll have the ability to increase total supply this year if we get good indications demand will be higher.


Next steps are Alan’s cooking setup which he will advise us later this week.  The general plan is to make the batch on Saturday morning.  Volunteers are needed but a big crew is not required.  If you can jump in, please reply and let me know what hours you can be available.


Thank you for your efforts so far and your pre-event orders.


Be on the look-out for information on our Flash Super Bowl party to be held in our Council space.  Chili will be provide along with beverages and other side dishes.

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