The Council’s Super Bowl Chili Sale

Brother Knights,


The Council’s Super Bowl Chili Sale begins today with the start up of pre-ordering by any prospective customer.  Attached you will find a PDF file of the flyer that is inserted in this weekend’s bulletin providing details.  The bottom of the paper serves as a tear off with customer information.  We won’t take cash this weekend and don’t encourage checks, however, an envelope will be under the box to collect any checks if customers insist on writing them immediately.  The last person to touch the envelope after each mass is asked to place the envelope in the kitchen refrig.  We’ll collect it asap after 5pm Sunday mass.


There are 1,200 flyers in the church bulleting so consider if you will any other prospects who may not get or read the bulletins.  The PDF file has a hyperlink to an email order box.


Starting with Saturday evening mass, a table is setup in the commons with a box to collect customers’ written orders.  One volunteer is needed after each mass to answer any questions and build anticipation of another great batch prepared by Alan and a crack team next weekend.


In addition to the flyer, I have setup an email account to receive orders:  The phone number provided on the flyer is my home number and I adjusted by voice mail to include an announcement that callers will hear to know they are in the right place to leave a voice order.


If you will, please send a note back if your are taking a turn after masses this weekend to be present at the sales table.  The volunteer cook and sales team for next weekend is forming up soon.


Best Regards,