More than a few good men aim for something better.


AUGUST 12, 2013 12:00 AM
Knights of Day

More than a few good men aim for something better.

By  Kathryn Jean Lopez

San Antonio – We Americans have become a people of convenience. We watch as our fellow citizens abandon positions, even on fundamental issues, because it’s easier than having to make the case, in mixed company, for, say, marriage as we’ve known it. We all too often want to be agreeable and will cast principle aside in order to do so.

The buzz at the Knights of Columbus convention here in San Antonio is about a group of missionaries in the Philippines. The Knights’ Marikina Valley Council in Luzon traveled by foot for an hour and a half, each way, to establish, despite the physical and linguistic challenges, what would become a long-term relationship with the indigenous Dumagat tribe living in the mountains of Antipolo, remote and isolated, accessible only by foot.

Severo S. Del Rosario, head of the council, doesn’t really understand what the big deal is. They were just doing what good Christian men do, he explains, helping, sharing their goods and skills, and spreading their faith. Offerings of food and clothes — the Dumagat men and women were walking around largely exposed — soon began a deeper sharing between the communities.

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