A Catholic Response to the Marriage Decisions

Let Freedom Ring! – A Catholic Response to the Marriage Decisions

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Feeling liberated? I am — albeit not in exactly the same spirit people were popping champagne outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

There’s a liberation that comes from transparency. The sun over our nation’s capitol Wednesday may have been blinding, but we can no longer be blind to where we are in American history, as a largely Catholic Supreme Court did its best to change the face of marriage in the United States this week.

Unless — like the coalition working to defeat attempts to protect the lives of 20-week-olds-and-older unborn children (and even ones born alive) — we choose denial.

It’s all quite miserable, of course. Marriage is on the rapid slide toward redefinition. Debates really aren’t debates but deluges of shame, doubling down on confusion about fundamentals, amplifying our lack of a common vocabulary by rendering words all but utterly meaningless in a daze of rhetorical abuse that does no one justice and shows very little mercy. And yet, we’re to feel good about it while banishing questions and objections.


FOR the FULL ARTICLE go to http://www.catholicpulse.com/cp/en/columnists/lopez/062713.html

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