Celebrating mothers, celebrating women

Editor’s note: Below are Ms. Lopez’s remarks from the 28th Annual Ball for Life, a dinner that raises funds for Good Counsel maternity homes in the New York metropolitan area.

Kathryn Jean Lopez (klopez@nationalreview.com) is editor-at-large of National Review Online and a nationally syndicated columnist who speaks frequently on faith and public life.

Family at Home 2

Pope Francis was talking about the importance of daily examination of conscience and Confession the other day so I’m going to begin with mine.

I was asked me some months back if I’d speak at the Ball for Life this year. In the mess that is my inbox — which some of you have been casualties of — I apologize but you’ll understand what I’m talking about — I said sure, happy to do anything for Good Counsel if they think it’s helpful!

It actually wasn’t until last week that I realized the whole “honoring” aspect to tonight. Had I focused months ago, I’m sure I would have made a convincing case that one of the worthy people in this room who actually save lives instead of occasionally tweeting about people who do who are much more worthy to be honored instead.

But here we are. . .

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