From the Tiber to the James” seeks to engage, inform busy readers


The Virginia Catholic Conference is happy to announce today’s launch of its new blog, “From the Tiber to the James. We hope this new tool will engage, update, inform and educate our network members, friends and interested fellow travelers about the Conference’s public policy work here in Richmond and, with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in Washington DC, as it relates to Catholic social teaching.

Our goal for “From the Tiber to the James’’ is to provide engaging,  thought-provoking posts – respectful of our reader’s busy lives – about why and how we do the work we do, and how our readers can become more involved in advocacy on behalf of the common good.

Attuned readers will not miss the symbolism of the blog’s name: our Faith traces its past, present and future to the Vatican on the banks of the Tiber River. Our daily work – living in the public square – takes us to Virginia’s capital, on the shores of the James.

With our inaugural post and the one to follow, we celebrate two significant pro-life victories. Later posts will touch on civility in public life, immigration reform and marriage, to name a few. We welcome your suggestions for future posts! Please check out “From the Tiber to the James” and email us at

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The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency of Virginia’s Catholic Bishops and their two dioceses.