St Bridget Parish Retreat March 21-23rd – Special Speaker

St Bridget Parish Retreat March 21-23rd

   From SBCC Men’s Ministry Group: Father Leo will be here March 21-23. Here is a YouTube clip of him and information on the retreat.  It is an awesome way to really prepare for Easter, and include our families in it with us.
  Father Leo’s parish retreat at St Bridget is coming March 21-23, please mark your calendar, it will be amazing, here is a clip of him


 Parish Mission Presenter Bio:
Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He is an internationally known conference speaker, popular TV and Radio personality, and the creator and host of the movement, “Grace Before Meals.” His unique background as a former martial arts championship title holder and choreographer for an award winning breakdancing group has provided him unique experiences and insights that he incorporates into a dynamic and universal spiritual message. This message has caught the attention and acclamation of diverse audiences, including PBS, ABC, CBS and also the Food Network, in which Fr. Leo defeated a world famous chef in a surprise cooking competition, “Throw Down with Bobby Flay.”

 What is a Parish Mission?   A parish mission is a parish wide event in which an invited speaker gives a series of talks on a theme over multiple evenings. The talks are intended to help us grow in our faith lives while being entertained, challenged, and engaged.

 What will each evening be like?  Each evening we will have one of the following liturgies/prayer experiences offered before the talk: Rosary, tations of the Cross, or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction. The last two of the nights of the Mission will have meals offered and Fr. Leo will offer two live cooking exhibitions during the course of the Mission. A full schedule of events is posted in the Gathering Space of the Church.

 Theme:   The St. Bridget parish mission will focus on “Finding God” through our relationship with our Blessed Mother, the Saints and in our own families and community. Events with Fr. Leo always leave his audiences feeling fed “body, mind, and soul.”

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