Reminder – 2 Events on Saturday March 16th

Men’s ministry trip to DC & the Knights of Columbus Council 5476 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at St. Bridget Catholic Church

Please keep your schedule open on 3/16/13 to participate in both these great events.

Mike Kozak is taking names for the Men’s Ministry’s pilgrimage to Washington DC – leaving Saturday morning, we will be back in time to help with Dinner. This is an awesome day-trip that is well worth your time and spiritual development.

The Knight’s are hosting the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner in Mother Presentation Hall that evening. There will be lots of food, music, entertainment along with Beer and Wine! Please plan to attend and bring the family. Ticket sales can be through Gary Port, and will be offered after Mass this weekend.

Please respond to this post if I may be of assistance. John V.


Knights – Please Help with Pro-Life Post Cards 3/17/13

Please contact Mike Kozak if you can help!!!

“We are planning a postcard campaign initiated by the NCHLA and our Diocesan office of Justice and Peace.

IT is scheduled for March 17th at ST. Bridget.  I would like to enlist the aid of the Knights to distribute and collect the cards a Mass.

The way Msgr. and I worked it out is we would like to have the postcards in the pews. There are 4 cards to a  sheet.  We would put the cards in the pews before mass along with pens. After the prayer of the faithful people would have time to fill them out. Then they would be taken up in a second collection basket along with a donation for postage. 

The Knights could be involved in putting the cards in the pews, collecting in the second collection and then sorting the cards form the money (money will go into second collection bags marked for postage and counted by our regular counters) and detaching them along the perforations. 

Msgr. also asked me to ask you if the Knights would be willing to make up the difference in postage if there is any?  I will take care of putting on the postage and making sure everyone has a reps name filled in.

What do you think?  Do you think you could get the Knights to help.  Probably only need two to a mass.  10 minutes before mass and maybe 15 minutes after to do the sorting and take the cards apart (we might could ask people to take the cards apart – might make them easier to collect – though it would make a bunch of noise).”

Pleaes Help if you can!