St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Was a Success

Sir Knights,

Financial Secretary Randy and I compiled the attached Final Income  & Expenses Report for your review. (See previouse email)

We made a profit [of approximately $158 dollars].

The pulpit announcement generated sell-out sales from the 15 take-out dinners sold on Sunday and bailed us out!

Great job cooking & selling crew for putting this together!

Please write down your observations and lessons-learned so that we can improve on this event for next year.

On Saturday night a few people asked if we had take-out dinners to sell that night. This certainly  merits  future consideration.

Fraternally,   Gary, St Pat’s Dinner Chair

TOTAL DINNER GUESTS:   Paid For 132 Adults, 12 Children (Includes 11 walk-Ins)

Help Requested for Book Preparation and Distribution

Request from the Top



     We need volunteers for the Mathew Kelly, “Rediscover Catholicism – a Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose” book distribution. 

     I would suggest a table in the Commons for Palm Sunday Masses and Easter and, if we can, also have a table in MPH lobby for 9 and 11 on Easter.  I will help as able. 

     Someone has mentioned putting some type of K of C sticker inside the front cover of the books (John V is working on labels).  If we have such a thing or someone can make them, I’d be happy to meet at Church this Saturday morning after Mass and Rosary to affix the stickers…if we have enough people, 9-10 a.m. would probably do it.

     Please put out the request to the Brothers and let me know what you think.  Thanks.

 Fraternally,   Mike K.


Inauguration of the Pontificate of Pope Francis

Pope Francis_3-2013

O God, who in your providential design
willed that your Church be built
upon blessed Peter,
whom you set over the other Apostles,
look with favor, we pray,
on Francis our Pope
and grant that he,
whom you have made Peter’s successor,
may be for your people
a visible source and foundation
of unity in faith and of communion.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Collect of the Mass for the Pope, The Roman Missal, Third Edition, © ICEL 2010

ZENIT—The World Seen From Rome, a New Pope

Fr. Lombardi: Pope Francis Gives Testimony of Simplicity

“We Have a Pope Who Wants to Serve”

VATICAN CITY, March 13, 2013 ( – Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is already well known for his simplicity: for being a pastor among the people, a cardinal who takes the bus and cooks for himself, for example, and a great defender of the poor. Now as Pope, he has begun with simplicity.

“To pray the simplest prayers with the people is the greatest sign of simplicity,” observed his fellow Jesuit, Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, in reference to Pope Francis’ leading the people in the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be during his first appearance on St. Peter’s central balcony.

Fr. Lombardi acknowledged his surprise at the election, and declared this is a “moment of joy for the Church.” He went on to speak of Cardinal Bergoglio-Pope Francis’ style of “evangelical testimony” and stressed his humility, evidenced in how he bowed down before the people, asking them to pray for God’s blessing upon him, prior to giving his first apostolic blessing as the Successor of St. Peter.

Fr. Lombardi also noted his pastoral style, immediately applied to his new diocese, the Diocese of Rome.

The Vatican spokesman said it was an act of courage for the cardinals to “go across the ocean and choose a Pope.” Pope Francis is the first pope from the Americas.


In fact, he was immediately acclaimed as a pope of many firsts: the first Jesuit pope, the first pope of the Americas, and also the first to choose the name Francis.

Father Thomas Rosica of Canada’s Salt and Light Television, who has been assisting Father Lombardi during the time of the interregnum, spoke of his choosing the name Francis as a sign of humility.


For the rest of this article, go to: articles/fr-lombardi-pope-francis-gives-testimony-of-simplicity?utm_campaign=dailyhtml&utm_medium=email&utm_source=di­spatch

St Bridget Parish Retreat March 21-23rd – Special Speaker

St Bridget Parish Retreat March 21-23rd

   From SBCC Men’s Ministry Group: Father Leo will be here March 21-23. Here is a YouTube clip of him and information on the retreat.  It is an awesome way to really prepare for Easter, and include our families in it with us.
  Father Leo’s parish retreat at St Bridget is coming March 21-23, please mark your calendar, it will be amazing, here is a clip of him


 Parish Mission Presenter Bio:
Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He is an internationally known conference speaker, popular TV and Radio personality, and the creator and host of the movement, “Grace Before Meals.” His unique background as a former martial arts championship title holder and choreographer for an award winning breakdancing group has provided him unique experiences and insights that he incorporates into a dynamic and universal spiritual message. This message has caught the attention and acclamation of diverse audiences, including PBS, ABC, CBS and also the Food Network, in which Fr. Leo defeated a world famous chef in a surprise cooking competition, “Throw Down with Bobby Flay.”

 What is a Parish Mission?   A parish mission is a parish wide event in which an invited speaker gives a series of talks on a theme over multiple evenings. The talks are intended to help us grow in our faith lives while being entertained, challenged, and engaged.

 What will each evening be like?  Each evening we will have one of the following liturgies/prayer experiences offered before the talk: Rosary, tations of the Cross, or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction. The last two of the nights of the Mission will have meals offered and Fr. Leo will offer two live cooking exhibitions during the course of the Mission. A full schedule of events is posted in the Gathering Space of the Church.

 Theme:   The St. Bridget parish mission will focus on “Finding God” through our relationship with our Blessed Mother, the Saints and in our own families and community. Events with Fr. Leo always leave his audiences feeling fed “body, mind, and soul.”

Men’s Ministry Shrine Lenten Pilgrimage – March 16th

 Brothers and Pilgrims,

 It’s just about time to make your reservation. We have 2 new features! 

 We have arranged for a private guided tour of St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington. This is the seat of the Archdiocese and not only plays a role in our Nation’s history, but is a most beautiful Cathedral.  Trust me…you will be impressed. 

 Second, the Knights of Columbus have opened the Blessed John Paul II Shrine with Saturday hours.  Those of you who would like to visit the JPII Shrine will have that opportunity as well. 

 Moreover, since certain of our destinations have been designated as official pilgrimage sites during this Year of Faith, and our schedule includes the opportunity for the other requisites, you will be able to gain a plenary indulgence by fully participating in this year’s Pilgrimage.  Please spread the word.

 Here is the schedule:

 6:30 a.m. Depart St. Bridget’s

9:00 Tour St. Matthew’s Cathedral

10-11:00 Proceed to Shrine of the Immaculate Conception/private time for coffee, bookstore, etc.

 11:00  Options: Tour of Shrine (for those of you seeing the Shrine for the first time, the Tour is highly recommended–even if you’ve been numerous times, it’s still the type of tour where you learn something new every time); Confessions; private prayer; visit to adjacent John Paul II Shrine

 12:00  Holy Mass in the Crypt Church

 1:00  Stations of the Cross in the Crypt Church (also highly recommended) or additional time for private reflection/bookstore/gift shop, etc.

 2:00 Depart Shrine for lunch at appropriate Irish pub before return trip home.

 5:30-6:00  Arrive St. B parking lot (usually closer to 6, but in time for The Knight’s St Patrick’s Day Dinner)

 Contact to reserve your spot.  When replying, please indicate if you could drive your land yacht in support of the carpool effort.  Thanks.  Below are some links for further information.

 Mike Kozak

Little Sisters French Food Festival in April

This year the French Food Festival that benefits the Little Sisters of the Poor will be held on Saturday, April 20th, 2013

AND boy, do they have a deal for you!   How would you like free, hands on, cooking lesson from a world renowned, Master Chef?

Chef Paul Elbling, who mentored such famous chefs as Emeril Lagasse, will be giving FREE 4-6 hour cooking lessons for 5-6 lucky people!  You will learn to prepare 4 of his signature dishes.  You will  prepare:

  • Boeuf  Bourguignon  (Savory beef burgundy with vegetables and rice)
  • Crêpe de Coquille St. Jacques (Creamed scallops, shrimp and crayfish served in a French crêpe)
  • Bouchée à la Reine (Veal, chicken, and mushrooms served in a puff pastry with creamed velouté sauce)
  • Normandie: Coulibiac de Saumon (Crusty filet of salmon coulibiac w/spinach, lobster sauce)

In addition to this fabulous event, you will help out the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Because of the popularity of this event, we will be extending the hours and need to prepare more food.  Chef Paul would like to prepare each dish on a separate day.  

 The dates are:

  • March 9th from 10am-4pm-Boeuf Bourguignon
  • March 16th from 10am-4pm-Bouchée à la Reine
  • April 9th or 11 (TBD) from 5:30pm-10pm-Crêpe de Coquille St. Jacques
  • April 18th from 5:30pm-10pm-Normandie: Coulibiac de Saumon

This FREE offer is limited time only so please let me know ASAP.

PS: We will need help on the day of the Festival serving these wonderful delicacies.  You can sign up for shifts at:   and sign up for Chef Paul's tent. Contact Gene.

Please forward the above website to anyone you know who may be interested in volunteering to help out for the festival.

The Bible: Series Premier on The History Channel

Now, in an epic five-week, 10-hour television miniseries premiering March 3 on the History Channel, the Hollywood couple is bringing The Bible to life in a way the world has never seen before. 

 Starting Sunday March 3, 2013

In his youth, four-time Emmy Award winner Mark Burnett saw the Bible as an angry God’s strict rule book. But in time, Burnett, the producer of Survivor and The Celebrity Apprentice, and his wife, Touched by an Angel star Roma Downey, begin to understand the Scriptures as a love story.


“We wanted it to be heartfelt and we wanted it ultimately to be a love story — to tell the Bible from the beginning to the end in a grand, sweeping embrace,” Downey, a celebrated Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominated television and stage actress, said during a recent webinar hosted by Outreach, Inc.

“The metanarrative is love.  We see it throughout the Old Testament — God so loved us that he sent Jesus for us.  It’s a beautiful story of redemption and hope and that episode will appear on Easter Sunday (March 31).  It will be a very powerful night on television.”

The miniseries, which will air on Wednesday and Sunday nights on the History Channel and on Monday nights on Lifetime TV throughout the month of March, features the Bible’s most compelling stories beginning with the Book of Genesis and concluding with the Book of Revelation.

“We wanted to tell this story in a way that would emotionally connect with the audience — that we could reach out and pull an audience in as if we’re walking side by side with these characters in the Bible,” Downey says.

With a $22 million budget — “an enormous amount in television” — and the talents and expertise of a company that won the Oscar for computer-generated imagery (CGI) elements in the film Gladiator, Downey says the miniseries will “bring miracles to the screen in a way it’s never been seen before.”

Thanks to the latest special effects and film-making techniques, the miniseries promises to bring Noah’s Flood, Moses parting the Red Sea and David killing Goliath to audiences in all their divine, cinematic glory.

“From the burning bush, Moses crossing the Red Sea and the walls of Jericho coming down to firebombs on Sodom, Daniel in the lion’s den and Jesus, of course, walking on water, it has the most beautiful and extraordinary special effects,” Downey says.  “I think that is very exciting and something that will reach a whole new generation of kids.  We want to excite kids and bring the Word to young people.”

The miniseries comes as a dozen Bible-themed movies are set to hit the Big Screen over the next few years, including Mary Mother of Christ, a prequel to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ; Noah with Russell Crowe; Steven Spielberg’s Gods and Kings; Ridley Scott’s Moses; Scott Derrickson’s Goliath; Pontius Pilate with Brad Pitt; Left Behind with Nicolas Cage; and a remake of Ben-Hur.


The Bible miniseries, a docudrama featuring the great Bible stories spanning thousands of years, is an apropos beginning to Hollywood’s Bible storytelling revival.  The last time this happened was in the 1950s and 60s when director Cecil B.  DeMille and others produced a deluge of Biblical films like The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and The Greatest Story Ever Told with Max von Sydow.

“I’ve probably seen most, if not all, of the films about the Bible produced in the past 50 years,” says Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California and the author of the New York Times bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life, in a prepared statement.  “This one stands alone, in a class by itself, as the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Brilliantly produced with stunning cinematography, a Hans Zimmer score and academy-worth acting, it stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.  Too many “Bible’ films end up feeling like documentaries, with stilted dialogue, second-class sets, and narration that feels like a lecture.  In contrast, this series draws you into the story from the start.”
To help insure the accuracy of the miniseries, many Christian scholars served as advisors and hundreds of Christian leaders have endorsed the miniseries.

“We have read all the scripts, spent time on the set and viewed some remarkable footage,” says Geoff Tunnicliffe, chief executive officer/secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance, in a prepared statement.  “The World Evangelical Alliance stands fully behind this incredible Bible project.  It could be one of the greatest gifts provided to the global church for this and future generations.”

Scott Evans, founder and president of Outreach, Inc., the parent company of Outreach magazine, says his company is encouraging churches to use the miniseries as an evangelistic tool.  The company is offering The Bible 30-Day Church Experience Campaign Kit and other resources churches can use to engage people.  For more information, go to

“I think there is going to be a lot of people, especially among the younger generation, in which this might be their first experience with the Bible,” Evans says.  “I believe it’s going to cause Christians and non-Christians to want to dive deeper into the Bible.  There is even some talk that this could spur on a Bible-reading revolution.  I think people will come away and go, “Wow, I didn’t know that was in the Bible.  I want to know more.  What else is in the Bible?’ ”

Downey says she and her husband, who co-wrote the novel A Story of God and All of Us to coincide with the release of the miniseries, have come to understand the Bible through the eyes of Jesus while making the miniseries.

“One of our goals was to bring fresh, visual life into these stories that we are all so familiar with so you could see them in ways perhaps you hadn’t considered before with the intention that you will go back to Scriptures and back to your Bible,” Downey says.


a three-and-a-half-year journey” for Burnett and Downey — was shot on location in Morocco from February through July of 2012.  The 400-plus member crew consisted of people from the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States and Morocco. 

Likewise, the miniseries features an international cast.  Downey stars as Mother Mary, Portuguese TV star Diogo Morgado plays Jesus, The Iron Lady star David Rintoul is Noah, William Houston plays Moses, Exodus star Daniel Percival is John the Baptist, Conan the Barbarian star Nonso Anozie plays Samson and Invictus star Langley Kirkwood is cast in the role of David. 

It was humbling, Downey says, to play Mary.

“I had to try to bring my own mother’s heart of being a mother myself to the role,” Downey says.  “It was so poignant to see the scenes through the eyes of a mother and feel those moments through the heart of a mother.”

When it came to the role of Jesus, Downey says the crew became anxious because filming was about to begin, but Jesus hadn’t been cast yet.

“We put it out in prayer circles through our churches and communities and everybody we knew, and I sent out an email to everyone I know with the headline, “Looking for Jesus.’ And honestly, it was just a few days later that (Morgado) showed up, and it was the most extraordinary way he came to us.”

Suffice to say, God was “all over that and an absolutely perfect actor” appeared, Downey says.

“He has the qualities of the lion and the lamb,” Downey says.  “He has strength and compassion and a beautiful humility in his work.  Through him, through his portrayal of Jesus, his performance is going to touch people in amazing ways.”

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Troy Anderson. “The Bible: Series Premier.” tothesource (February 22, 2013).

This article reprinted with permission from tothesource.

Tothesource is a forum for integrating thinking and action within a moral framework that takes into account our contemporary situation. We will report the insights of cultural experts to the specific issues we face believing these sources will embolden people to greater faith and action.


Troy Anderson is an award-winning government and enterprise reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News who also freelances for a variety of national and regional magazines, including Christianity Today and Charisma. During his 17-year career, he has worked as a staff writer at a variety of newspapers and won nearly two dozen national, state and local journalism awards. Anderson graduated from the University of Oregon in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in news-editorial journalism and a minor in political science. He is a longtime member of Investigative Reporters & Editors. He lives with his wife and their 8-year-old daughter in Claremont, California and is active at Granite Creek Community Church.

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Knights Initiative to Pray for the Church During the Transition within the Papacy

Brother Knights,

 Below is an email regarding a Knights initiative to pray for the church during the transition within the Papacy. Please make an effort to support this worthy activity as described below.

 V/R,  Paul Kitchen, President/CEO, Accountable Care Management Group

Dear Brother Knight,

Earlier this month, the world learned of Pope Benedict’s decision to retire from the Papacy, effective today.

As he steps down from his role as the leader of our Church, and in the days of transition that follow, our thoughts and prayers are with Pope Benedict XVI, who has worked so hard in leading the Church, and has always been such a good friend to the Knights of Columbus. We wish him all the best in his retirement. In addition, we pray for all those cardinals who will take part in the conclave, and for the pope’s successor, that God may inspire them as they carry out the mission with which they are entrusted.

Our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has written a Prayer for the Church in this time of transition. I ask you to please commit to pray this prayer daily until the Church has a new pope, and to encourage your brother Knights and fellow parishioners to do the same.

We have developed a website for this campaign: In addition to sharing the prayer itself, please share this site with your council and your parish. The site will allow individuals to add their names to the list of those praying for the Church daily, and will assist them in sharing the prayer and their commitment with family and friends.

Prayer for the Church

O Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme Pastor of Your Church,
we thank you for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVI
and the selfless care with which he has led us
as Successor of Peter, and Your Vicar on earth.

Good Shepherd, who founded Your Church
on the rock of Peter’s faith
and have never left Your flock untended,
look with love upon us now,
and sustain Your Church in faith, hope, and charity.

Grant, Lord Jesus, in Your boundless love for us,
a new Pope for Your Church
who will please You by his holiness
and lead us faithfully to You,
who are the same yesterday, today, and forever.
I ask that you also encourage those brother Knights and their families that are on Twitter to show their prayerful support by using the hashtag #prayerforthechurch.  If you’re on Facebook, you can also pledge to pray and encourage your friends to do the same with our Prayer for the Church facebook app. Visit for more information.

The names of all those who pledge to pray this prayer will be brought to the Installation Mass for the new pope.

Knights have long been supporters of the Church and the pope, and during this time of transition our prayers are especially needed. This prayer and corresponding campaign provide Knights and all Catholics an opportunity to show their solidarity with the Church through prayer.

Thank you for your assistance and for your prayers for Pope Benedict XVI, for the Church, and for our future pope in this time of reflection and preparation.


Supreme Knight Carl Anderson


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This email was sent by: Knights of Columbus. Knights of Columbus Headquarters | 1 Columbus Plaza | New Haven | CT | 06510

Success with the St. Bridget Blood Drive March 3, 2013!

Thanks to all who assisted in saving lives this weekend by donating to Virginia Blood Services.

We don’t always get to see how our love, prayers and devotion to God touch the lives of others. And although it is somewhat anonymous, through the generosity of blood donation we can witness a very real and material way to touch the lives of those who need blood in order to survive surgery or some other tragic ordeal in their lives. Those who participate in this effort make a very real difference in the lives of others.

Thanks to the Knight’s Council 5476 for helping to sponsor this event!

 The Following is from Virginia Blood Services:

Good morning!!  Thank you all for the blood drive yesterday!  We registered 17 people and brought back 18 units (one person gave a double – thanks John V!).   The 18 units collected can help as many as 54 lives in central Virginia.  Please let me know any feedback you may have for us.

The next blood drive is scheduled for June 30th. The list of donors is below: 


 Have a great week!!

 Christine Homan, Account Manager