Help Little Sisters of the Poor Today – 11/19/12

Greeting Brother Knights,


 On Monday afternoon, a work crew is needed for a short session to clean some store fixtures. We’ll be wiping some shelves and metal frames.   For about six men, this will be about 2-3 hours of effort, possibly less.  I apologize for the short notice but a change in our preparation calls for the work to be done Monday.


The work is at a temp site at 10618 Patterson Avenue, northwest corner of Patterson Avenue and Pump Road.  It is the old Kambourian Rug store.  It is next to the Greek 4 U restaurant.  Dinner will be provided from either Domino’s Pizza or Greek 4 U in the same center.   I will be at the store around 4pm after work.


As you have heard over recent months, the opening of the new business, Thrifty Sisters, is happening very soon.  Resources have been donated from many sources.  The schedule depends on the new stores progress on having the last touches on flooring.  So we are doing work this week that was expected to be next week. 


Please feel free to call me at 240-2862 for more information.  Your efforts are important and greaty appreciated by the Little Sisters of the Poor.


Thank you,


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