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As Catholics we are constantly called to live out our faith in our daily lives. In our charities, we comfort the sick, feed the hungry, care for the poor, and protect life. In the marketplace, our values guide us. We strive everywhere to practice what we preach. 

Across America, our right to live out our faith is being threatened – from Washington forcing Catholic institutions to provide services that contradict our beliefs, to state governments prohibiting our charities from serving the most vulnerable. And around the world, it’s even worse – Catholics face persecution and even death for their witness. 

These rights are fundamental. They belong to each and every human being. We cannot let them be trampled. We cannot remain silent. 

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Announcing a Human Concerns Ministry Fair – Sept 22-23

Just a heads up for September 22-23. We will need your asistance to meet our committment and help in recruiting new members.

Subject: Announcing a Human Concerns Ministry Fair

 Dear worker in the vineyard of the Lord,

 Human Concerns will be distributing a ministry booklet the weekend of September 15/16. The following weekend of September 22/23 we will be hosting a ministry fair out in front of the church (in event of rain it will be in MPH at the school). This will be an opportunity to show case all of our Human Concerns ministries. 

 In this regard we hope to accomplish three things: first is to show the many good works the parish is involved in;  second people get to see where their donations go when they support these ministries with the Human Concerns envelope:  third encourage folks to volunteer.  

 We will have pop up canopies with tables set up under them so our various ministries can set up a display (which may simply be a sign with the ministry name and someone to answer questions and you can get more complicated from there). 

 Additionally, we will have Helium Balloons, Candy, Donuts and coffee and the Knights will host a Voter registration to help encourage parishioners to linger after Mass. Perhaps the parish nurses will host a blood pressure check for the day? 

 To make this work we need to come together to put some effort into it.  We will have speakers to begin each Mass talking about a particular ministry for two minutes.  If you would like to give a talk about your ministry let me know which Mass you would like to speak at.  I do not think we need every ministry at every Mass. 

 Let me know which Mass you would like to be at to have part of a table with a sign saying which ministry you are with and answer questions.  We will have ministry booklets for folks to sign up or you may decide to have a simple sign-up sheet with you on the table.  If you have other volunteers you can be at more Masses or even every Mass if you like.  I want to make this as user friendly as possible.

 If you have a pop up canopy we can borrow let me know.  We will need them dropped off the week before because if I do not have enough I will have to rent some.  Just tape your name and phone # on one of the legs.


Mass – 5:30 Sat





Name of Speaker          
Names of volunteers at table          

Do you have a pop up canopy we can use? _____ Yes    _____ No

Will you be able to help with set up Saturday Sept 22 at noon? _____ Yes    _____ No

Will you be able to help with take down Sunday Sept 23 at 6:30? _____ Yes    _____ No

 Thanks for your help in making our community rich in faith, hope and charity.

 Peace, Paul Amrhein

Director for Human Concerns and Pastoral Care

St. Bridget Church, Richmond, VA

(804) 525.7902