The Mature Man

Five Indicators of a Mature Man

This has been forwarded from the St. Bridget Church Men’s Ministry of Faith & Fellowship. It was received in March of 2012.
  1. His top priorities are first God, then his wife, and then his kids.  How many men on their death bed wished they had worked longer hours?
  2. He overcomes all adversity with calm, determination and a positive spirit.
  3. He recognizes his own weakness, especially in the areas of purity and kindness, and makes time for daily prayer, regular Mass and Confession. It’s amazing how men can live heroic virtue with the help of God’s grace. 
  4. He is willing to give up part of his “cave time” and free time to serve others. 
  5. He strives for excellence and integrity in all things, both in his professional and personal life. If he gives his word, he will get it done. 

God bless,

Fr. Michael Sliney, LC

Council 5476 – Meeting Minutes as of 7/26/12

Knight of Columbus Council #5476 Meeting July 26, 2012

7:05pm Grand Knight Paul Kitchen, Meeting Called to Order

GK Kitchen requested committee reports

Council website report: John VanderSyde, reviewed progress and recommend brothers look at the website and mark it.  Emails with new link to be distributed

Matt Costello, Treasurer’s report.  The current balance is _____________.

Randy Boyd, 54 members including Father Joseph Mary

Dale Matanic reported the Council committee to the Little Sisters of the Poor project, Thrifty Sisters.  The LSoP Store Committee has signed a lease this week.  Research on physical assets for the store The Council committee will report progress after the August 6th LSoP meeting.

Gary Port, received check return from Third Presbyterian for cancellation of the 8th Grade retreat.

Alan Serafim, Membership, report on planned visit with St. Bridget’s School principal, Ray Honeycutt, to discuss needs of school

Sam Patterson, District Deputy, report. 

This coming Sunday at 3pm Sunday, July 29th at Holy Rosary Church.  Rehersal on Friday evening at 7pm.  

Calendar review,

July 24th,               Fourth Degree Meeting: Holy Rosary Church

August 1              First Degree at Columbian Center, Pump Road, 7:30 pm

                August 18th         Third Degreee @ 10: 00 a.m., St. Michael’s 4494 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA

                October 7th         Knights of Columbus Mass 11 a.m. Fourth Degree Knights in tuxedos, All other Council

 members in Coat and Tie.  Participants should arrive by 10:15 a.m.

Topic of interest is a membership goal of one member per Council per month is a District goal. 

Collection for the vocation of military chaplains. 

District cookout is August 26th at the Bishop Ireton Center. Time 1:30pm to 6:00pm.

Grand Knight Paul Kitchen received “GK Starter Kit” from Sam Patterson

Grand Knight Paul Kitchen – reviewed his recent completion of the 2nd and 3rd Degrees.  Thanks to previous officers: Dick Willig, Joe DiVincentis, Alan Serafim, Matt Costello.  Thanks to David Whitehead for encouragement to both Paul and David to accept leadership roles.  Membership has to grow.  In comparison to other local Council’s membership ranks, St. Bridget’s Council is small.  Councils are seen as “Arms of the Church”. 

The work of the Council is good for us all as Catholics.  We become better Catholics because of our efforts.

GK talked with Monsignor Carr to discuss potential.  All sorts of activities including the Squires program are encouraged.  The Council can lend some structure to the Parish activities.  A goal of 200 members is easy to envision.  Parish Council is discussing growth of fellowship.  More social activities such as coffee and donuts, food programs, food bank support, etc.  Parish council has to serve as managers of activities and the Knight Council can and should take that role.  The activities will be a tool for recruitment. 

Comments of Council members are welcome.

Mike Kozak: Parish Council looking for the Knights to take the lead on several activities such as a Lenten Fish Fry next year.  Our council can expect each member to recruit one new member each.  Parish council is a

David Whitehead: many new parishioners do not know other parishioners.  David recommends a piece of collateral as a handout to new people on Knights of Columbus profile and key contacts.  Mike concurs that a membership handout needs to be handed out regularly.

Alan Serafim: prepare the meeting room to receive prospective members for a get to know Council members.  Plans to use the “12 hour Knights” card to emphasize a minimal investment. 

Paul Kitchen: Knights are frequent hosts of events in all parishes.   A council can get a mile wide and one inch deep in their activities.  Pick some activities and do them well.  Fellowship emphasized and outreach to new people is a priority.  Opportunity exists to intersect with Parish Council to facilitate preferred actions and parish goals

Gary Port: Member of Richmond Assembly, our council has 33 Third Degree Knights who need to take advantage of October 27th 2012 Fourth degree ceremony.

Paul Kitchen: Presentation of plaque to Council recognizing efforts of John Port referencing the “Keep Christ in Christmas” The plaque states “Lord, Make us insruments of Your PEACE.  Presented to Council #5476, George Serafim Grand Knight, Richard Willig, Chairman In Recognition of Outstanding Promotion of the 2011 CAMPAIGN”.  This was done by the Virginia State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Gary Port and Dick Willig made the following recommendation. Dick agreed with me to change the wording in the ‘Keep Christ In Christmas” plaque Chairman from Richard Willig to John Port.  Gary is working with Crown Trophies to make this change.  John has been chairman for the past 3 years.

Seminarian Tom Keys vehicle situation results in a capital need to buy a car.  Total about $1,500 is needed.  Consideration made of disbursement from Council funds.  GK asked for a motion, PGK Dick Willig made the motion that was seconded and voice of in favor was supported in favor of issuing a $500 check immediately for the support of Seminarian Tom Keys. 

Dick Willig made a motion for voter registration effort this fall to the Parish.  Man a desk one weekend. Volunteers are directed to speak to Dick about a schedule.

Sunday September 15th, Back to School Breakfast is scheduled.  The Council can take an active role.  We need to identify the coordinator

August 1st, Second Degree Exemplification will be held at the Columbian Center.  Will bring more information about contributions for child supplies collected by the Knights.

Fellowship committee, Dick and Randy, stated that representation is important as a presence for the Council.

Mike Kozak – Little Sisters of the Poor Golf Tournament, September 17th 1 pm at Jefferson Lakeside Club.  Lunch and Dinner, $150 per person. 

For the Good of the Order – Any member in need, none mentioned

Grand Knight Paul Kitchen closed the meeting.

ZENIT—The World Seen From Rome – 8/17/12

Fast and Furious; Growing up in a Media Saturated World

 By Father John Flynn, LC


 ROME, AUG. 17, 2012 ( Violence, video games, and sex: what effect does it have on children and adolescents? The latest contribution to this debate comes in a book recently published in Australia.

“Growing Up Fast and Furious,” is a collection of essays edited by Wayne Warburton and Danya Braunstein (The Federation Press).

In his contribution Warburton, Deputy Director of the Children and Families Research Center at Macquarie University (Sydney), noted that in the United States children aged 8-18 are exposed to an average of almost 11 hours of media each day. Children in other countries might not reach this level, but they are not far behind, he added.

In recent years media is not only more portable but it is also easier for children to access it in multiple places within and outside the home. This means it is increasingly difficult for parents to monitor their children’s media consumption, Warburton observed.

Looking at the research Warburton commented that media is a powerful teacher, for both good and bad, and the effects can be both short and long-term.

John P. Murray, who has been researching children’s social development for almost 40 years in the United States in a number of academic position, looked into the matter of the effects of media violence.

Some decades ago studies clearly demonstrate that the viewing of violence and aggressive behaviour are clearly related, but they do not establish a cause and effect relationship.

Video games

More recent studies do, however, lead to the conclusion that viewing violence does affect the attitudes and behaviour of viewers, he said.

Violent video games was the topic of an essay by Warburton and Craig A. Anderson, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University. Video games can enhance the lives of children and adolescents they said, but exposure to anti-social and violent video games increases the likelihood of a range of negative outcomes, they warned.

Video games, they noted, can improve visual and spatial skills and can also be a valuable instrument in teaching children.

 For the rest of this article go to:

2012 Catholic Men’s Conference

Diocese of Richmond

2012 Catholic Men’s Conference

Greater Richmond Convention Center
Richmond, VA
Saturday, November 10, 2012


 This first diocesan-wide Catholic Men’s Conference will pack in powerful speakers, testimony, workshops, fellowship with other men, Mass and Reconciliation to promote and strengthen the spiritual growth of Catholic men to be leaders and models of Christ in the family, church, workplace, and community. A men’s conference is an opportunity for men to come together and learn from other men to gain support and insight into the challenges that men of faith face in modern society, and to grow in solidarity with one another and with Christ.

Men of all ages from across the diocese are encouraged to attend: young adults, college students, fathers, sons, grandfathers – single, married – priests, deacons, religious.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities Golf Tournament

 There is a fund raiser golf tournament to benefit Commonwealth Catholic Charities on Monday, September 10.  I thought this might be something that some of the guys from the Men’s Ministry might be interested in. If you think it is appropriate, could you forward the brochure on to everybody? Although most of the guys probably already know something about CCC, here’s a brief synopsis of what it is and what it does. 

 Commonwealth Catholic Charities is the second largest human service provider behind only the Red Cross. CCC helps the most vulnerable individuals and families in central and southwestern Virginia by providing crisis support as well as services to strengthen families and nurture children. The mission of CCC is NOT Catholics Serving Catholics. It’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate human services to ALL people – especially the most vulnerable – regardless of faith. Only 15% of the CCC workforce is Catholic and less than 10% of recipients of CCC services are Catholic.


Salisbury Country Club
13620 W. Salisbury Road
Midlothian, Virginia 23113
Richmond (Main Office)
1512 Willow Lawn Drive
Richmond, VA 23230

Special Olympics Special Alert


We are in 2nd place. VOTE!!
Please help Special Olympics of Virginia receive a share of the 5 million dollar donation. It just takes 2 simple clicks of a mouse. Vote early and vote often.
Please forward this to all  you know who can help..

 Special Olympics has been invited to compete for two remaining spots in Subaru of America’s 2012 “Share the Love” event. This Facebook voting competition is underway and will run through Sunday, August 26th. If at the end of voting Special Olympics is one of the top two charities, we will participate for the second year in the Subaru “Share the Love” event expected to begin in November 2012.  

 Voting ends on Sunday, and we are just 5 percentage points away from being one of the selected charities. If we join together and vote daily for our movement, we could win!

 Please vote the rest of the week and all weekend long – and spread the word to your friends by forwarding this email – and on your Facebook wall, please invite your friends to vote. Thank you for being a fan! 

We have an opportunity to earn a share of $5 million. This money would go a long way in Virginia toward helping us reach more athletes, train coaches, and plan competitions. But we need to pull together and act quickly. Please help us secure these much needed funds by voting for Special Olympics on Facebook today – and every day through Sunday, August 26th.

Click here to view the Facebook voting page, login and vote today!

Congratulations Jude Richnafsky – 3rd Degree


Please join me in congratulating Jude Richnafsky upon completion of his 3rd Degree today. Jude joined with some 50 Knights in his attaining his Exemplification.

The 3rd Degree ceremony has changed and includes the award of a 3rd Degree Medallion. Present 3rd Degree Knights can obtain the medallion by observing the new Exemplification ceremony. I hope that both 2nd & 3rd Degree Knights will become part of this ceremony at their next opportunity.


Dick Willig; PGK

Trustee Council 5476

St. Expeditus Catholic Professionals Networking Social

Social Networking for Business Professionals

Please consider attending their next networking social at the BOAT HOUSE on the James at 5:00 PM Wednesday, August 22nd in order to learn more about this Catholic Professionals Networking group.

Saint Expeditus was formed in order to for members to expand their network and promote their business with fellow members of the Catholic Church. We meet weekly in order to share ideas, discuss and develop friendships with the goal of assisting each other in reaching the next level or their personal goals.

Our mission is simple, to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with those who share in the same belief and values of the Catholic Church.

Meeting every Wednesday Morning from 8:00- 9:30am at
Nick’s Roman Terrace

OUR NEXT BIG OUTING: Wednesday, August 22nd

By giving business to others, you will get business in return.

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